Des Hoodstar was born in Richmond Indiana with just his mother, and spending a lot of time with grandparents, due to his mother working odd jobs and struggling to raise him. By the time Des was 3, his mother had met a man who was a very big inspiration in Des' life. Des' mother and new man, who had two sons of his own which were older than him, started teaching him how to be a man. Des learned how to defend himself at an early age, having two older siblings who used to make Des fight all the neighborhood kids, betting shoes on the winner. Des's mother moved him to California by the time he was 5, and lived in Covina, CA, also known as 'The Cove.' Des was raised in the church, but by the 7th grade Des caught his first case, and quickly became fascinated with the street life.


By the 9th grade Des had began to DJ, and by 10th grade he had made a business providing DJ services to local kids. By 11th grade he was making good money as a DJ, and figured out how to promote his own events. Soon after, Des went from a backyard DJ, to a club DJ, to a club promoter. He later started his own business and soon discovered business as his passion, making various mixtapes and selling them at all the venues he would DJ and promote for, these experiences taught him a lot about supply and demand, which got him a chance to create with one of the best DJ's around.

Tony G produced and mixed Des' first album titled "My Life," which quickly became a number one seller on DiggStation and CD Baby. This landed him opportunities to open for and work with artists like, 50 Cent, N.E.R.D., Chamillionaire, Suga Free, Bishop Lamont, Tony G, Julio G, Problem, Kurupt, Nipsey Hussle, Andre Knickatina, E40, Glasses Malone, Canibus, and Terrace Martin, which led Des to be known as Hoodstar. Representing the star in every one, plus change and struggles people go through in every 'hood.

Des Hoodstar has been touring with Champion Touring and has had much success, with the results because all their shows were sold out. This got the attention of one of the largest music groups in the world, Universal Music Group, for the launch of debut album "Anger Management,” set to release in early 2015.

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